Eye Can See Clearly Now offers you

high end quality at a mid range price.

Your home IS your castle. So let us give you the royal

Eye Can See Clearly Now complete window treatment.

(This includes screen, sills, and even hard to reach 

cobwebs). Some would call this above and beyond. 

We call it the Eye Can Clearly Now way.

The Process

We Hand Wash and squeegee every window. 

Eye Can Clearly Now’s way includes a complete

window treatment. Sills, screens, and all surfaces are wiped clean.

We arrive on Time

Eye Can Clearly Now promises to arrive at the schedule time. Your window cleaning and your day can proceed as you planned.


Screens collect dust, dirt, and debris over the seasons. Eye Can See Clearly Now cleans up screen dirt and debris as we find it during our window cleanings. We thoroughly clean the screen, and frame edges whenever we encounter dust, dirt, and debris.

We’re Careful

We respect your property and your home. No watermarks or puddles will be left behind.

We absolutely guarantee no streaking or spotting. 

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

And we don’t expect to be paid until YOU are 100% satisfied.

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